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Week 10: Film and New Media - Advertisement (TV & Social Media)

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      • Developing Scripts
      • The Structure and presentation of a scripts
      • The AV Shooting Script

      • Understand the different rating for Australian media codes
      • Develop 2 scenes for the Waiting

    • Focus point #1: Failure to complete set work
    • Focus Point #2: Students who do not do the theory work will not do the practicals
    • Each student is to manage their own SWT - you must have a copy of group work in your folder.

    • Class Presentation:
    • Class Activity:
      • Create a Google Document in SWT - Every Students to have their own document not shared.
      • Use the internet to find movies that you have seen that fall into the following classifications:
        • General (G)
        • Parental Guidance (PG)
        • Mature (M)
        • Mature Accompanied (MA+)
        • No other rating!!

      • Class Presentation: Formatting an Audio/Video Script: When the Standard Script Format Just Doesn’t Cut It

        • Audio/Visual Shooting Script

      • The Waiting Provocation: In this scene, a character is waiting for a friend at park bench who is half an hour late for their study date. The main character is clearly annoyed by the lateness of her friend and verbally takes out her frustration on him before storming off.

      • Individually complete the following task:
        • Students are to make adjustments to the story board.
        • Create another 2 scenes to adapt the story line to make it more meaningful for you and your audience.
        • Pro-Tip: There could be a twist at the end or a cut away to help drive the narrative.

    • Lesson 02:
        • No lesson due to Well4Life day

      • Lesson lost due to Well4Life day

Readings / Homework
  • Complete script task in preparation for filming next term.


Focus Point