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Week 06: Film and New Media - Advertisement (TV & Social Media)

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      • Review of Ad analysis understanding

      • Answer the ad analysis questions as comprehensively as possible.

      • Students are to ensure that they have uploaded their Pitch and Mood Board from the previous lesson into SWT folder called Week 5
      • Your Ad Analysis test will be held in Week 08 at this stage.

    • Class Task:
      • Students are to review the follow ad and complete the questions under test condition.

      • This test is online and you will be required to have your Blue tooth turned on for monitoring.

      • Remember to bring your headphones!!

      • Link to the ad practice test: Practice Year 8 FT&NM Item 1

      • Note: This will give you an understanding of you test in 2 weeks (4 Lessons) Time.

    • Students are to revise for the major test.

  • Lesson 02:
      • Major test analysis and revision.

      • Understand the questions presented
      • De-construct questions for the major assessment
      • Identify Evidence from the presented Ad
      • Construct comprehensive answers for questions

    • Task Part 1:
Readings / Homework
  • Students to revise for the major analysis test.
  • Review previous lessons focused on codes and conventions (Symbolic and Technical)


Focus Point