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Week 05: Film and New Media - Advertisement (TV & Social Media)

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      • Develop a mood board for a hero
      • Develop a pitch in class.

      • Develop a Mood board for the product given in class.

    • Create a Mood Board for a Hero

    • To create an effective Pitch you will need to create a visual reference point. This visual reference point is commonly know as a Mood Board. This will help you connect your audience (in this case the client) with visual markers for your verbal presentation.

    • The Mood Board is make up of images that helps identify key elements of your narrative or Pitch. This will include such elements of the Symbolic Codes focusing on Setting, Mise En Scene, Actors and colour. The aim of all Mood Boards is to support and highlight the hero, make is stand out amongst populated industry and most of all, connect with the intended audience.

    • Video Tutorial Files -= Performance Criteria=-
    • Task 1:
      • Write down 3 products that can be used for a Mood Board and Pitch.
      • Hand these to Mr Marsden for random selection

    • Task 02:
      • Select a random Hero from the container.
      • Mr Marsden will collect and distribute
      • Remember not to destroy the paper

    • Task 03:
      • Students are to create a Mood Board for the random Hero they have selected from the container.
      • Print out your Mood Board and paste this into your Film and New Media Book. Pro-tip: Place in SWT in a folder called Week 5

    • Task 04:
      • Have a look at other students work in the class.
      • Review and discuss their Mood Boards and see if they meet the success criteria
      • Collect 2 other Mood Boards from around the class and add these to your folder.

      Example Mood Boards:

  • Lesson 02:
  • Lesson 03:
      • 50 Minute Pitch

      • Uploaded mood board and Pitch to myFlinders.

    • Students are to select a random Hero from the jar.
    • You have 50 minutes to develop a mood board and pitch for the her.

    • Upload your mood board and Pitch to myFlinders.

Readings / Homework


Focus Point