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Week 01: Film and New Media - Advertisement (TV & Social Media)

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 00:
      • Introduction to Film and New Media

      • Identify core concepts of the course
      • Ad recognition

    • Y8_FNM_Intro Introduction power-point.

    • Homework
      • Make a list of different ads that you see in the next 24 hours.

  • Lesson 01:
      • Advertising Jargon
      • Develop an understanding of what is meant by the cognitive verb ‘analyse’ and apply appropriate techniques to the analysis of film-based advertisements;
      • Learn how to apply the language (‘jargon’) of advertising when describing and analysing film-based advertisements; and
      • Develop an understanding of the concept of narrative and the different types of narrative as may be applied to film-based advertising..

        • Identify Realist and Anti-realist Ads
        • State the difference between Logos, Pathos and Ethos appeal for audiences

      • The Keys To The Course:

      • Lesson Presentation: Advertising Jargon

      • ADVERTISING ANALYSIS Worksheet (to be given out in class)

        Realist: These ads attempt to portray realistic events, which the audience can relate to.

        Anti-realist: These ads use abnormal or outlandish characters or situations in order to grab the audience attention.

        Logos appeals to reason, ethos is an appeal to the audience based on the speaker's authority, while pathos is an appeal to the audience 's emotions.

      • TASK 01: Using the Advertising Analysis sheet - view one of the following advertisements, analyse and discuss with your groups evidence of the Symbolic Codes: Symbolic Codes Ad Analysis

      • TASK 02: In table groups (no more than 4), use the internet to locate 2 advertisements that fall into the categories of Realist and Anti-realist.

  • Lesson 02:
    • Lesson 03:
        • Ad Analysis and re-write

        • Develop a new theme for existing ads.

      • Task 01:
      • Task 02:
        • You will be broken into small groups to begin your setup and pack up of video equipment.
        • Students will start their development of competency in the following skills

Readings / Homework
  • Complete all set work and ensure the evidence is in Share With Teacher


Focus Point