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Week 09: Film and New Media

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      1. Storyboard of the scene (remember to include the actions as outlined in Week 06 lesson 02 by the QCAA) - scan your storyboard and supporting information.

      2. Supporting scene analysis (dot-points 1 to 4 above - remember to break down the questions for the sections of the analysis)

    • Assignment due by 8:35 Tuesday morning (Storyboard and analysis) myFlinders

    • Answer to student question on weekend:
      • You are looking at the story convention of the scene. Therefore the focus narrative (the joke in a sitcom) of the scene. You are looking at the beginning, middle and end of the joke. How do they set up the joke, set the tension in the joke and the conclusion of the joke (also known as the 3 act structure). You will be looking at what is said by the actors, and the order and the visual cues that support the narrative of the convention. The last part of the question is about the cultural appropriateness and the Australian Classification. Why is the episode rated as a G, PG, M, MA, MA+ and why? This could be due to something else in the episode, also if your scene is a stand-alone, what would be the rating determined by the Australian Classification. Also, refer to the Week 5 lesson 02 document (Arts Law Centre of Australia)

  • Lesson 02:
      • Interview filming techniques
      • Interview Equipment
      • Interview Technical Setup

    • Interview Technical Conventions

    • Task 01: Create a mood board of interview setups - Equipment and setting
      • Using a google document, find images of interview technical setups.
      • Remember to include images of equipments and the positions of the technology.

    • Task 02:
      • Create an annotated sketch of a interview setup from the top down.
        • Place the the interviewee and interviewer into position.
        • Placement of the technology to capture the interview.

    • Task 03:
      • Make a dot-pointed list of the important things to remember when recording an interview (Hint: Technical codes)
      • Number your bullet points into the top 5 to remember.

    • Task 04:
    • Complete all notes for homework. Ensure document is in Google Drive SWT.

  • Practical Camera set up and pack up.



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