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Week 06: Film and New Media

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 1:
      • Students are to start their assignments: 2020 S2 T3 Y09 Assignment 01
      • Character analysis:
        • Australian sense of humour
        • Symbolic Code of Acting

    • Audiences love sitcoms because...
      • they provide light relief and humour.
      • they reflect problems many of us have to deal with in everyday life.
      • They have liable characters we enjoy relating to - perhaps they feel like our friends.
      • they are safe - we know what sort of things will happen, we know how episodes will end.

    • Australian sense of humour (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_comedy)
    • What are some of the codes and conventions of a TV sitcom?
      • Family - Central characters of sitcoms
      • Audience - Target / viewers
      • Realism - Realistic storylines / humour by exaggeration / empathy
      • Timings - Length of programme / weekly
      • Sets - domestic / workplace
      • Stereotypes - recognisable / challenged?
      • Simple narrative - equilibrium, disequilibria, resolution
      • Cast - regular, outside characters to cause disequilibria
      • Canned laughter - prompts audience to laugh

        Research reading:

    • Acting: Describes the the persona of the actor, their look, mood, portrait of a character. Actors are there to support the narrative and the message that is being conveyed to the audience. Actors use a visual and audible communication medium to present the script. Situational comedy uses a combination of these to carry the humour and message for the intended viewer.

  • Lesson 02:


  • Focus Task:
    • Students are to work on their Sitcom assignemnts

  • Lesson 03:
Readings / Homework




Focus Point