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Week 01: Film and New Media

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Lesson lost Due to Student Free Day

  • Lesson 02:
    • What will you need this semester?
      • You will need your own SD card 16 or 32Gb
      • Writing materials and writing book (you have treatments, scripts, story boards to develop)
      • Charged laptop - to edit and transfer media
      • Willingness to work hard and be creative

      • Design equipment
        • Highlighters (3 colours - try to get pastels as they are more effective)
        • 2b + H Pencils + sharpener + eraser (line drawing then inked)
        • Black felt tip pen (2 sizes for thin and heave lines)
        • Ruler
        • Red and Blue pencil for motion

      • Ensure you arrive to lesson prepared to work:
        • Home work completed by 8:30 that morning (submissions via myFlinders)
        • You will need to take images of physical work to document your learning and place in SWT
        • Have all equipment ready + Diary
        • Laptop charged for lesson
        • Correct uniform
        • You will be required to use the out of class page if you leave the room

      • Students will be completing their checklist and sign off over the next few lessons while we are working on pre-production techniques.

      • Storyboards and their function in video medium
      • Drawing Short-cuts - Star Man

    • Introduction presentation
      • Introduction to Storyboard - visual communication

    • Video Tutorial Files -= What to Do =-
      • You will need to view the video file and stop it along the way so you can implement, do what the video files shows you. You need to keep a record of your attempts to show progress and development.

        • Remember: Information Action = KNOWLEDGE

      • Remember ALWAYS to save your work as you go and scan or photograph your physical work!!

    • Class video tutorial #1: Students are to view and copy the drawing short-cuts presented in the training materials
    • Task 01:
      • Convert the following EMOJI facial images to a storyboard drawing as if they were to represent people:
      • note: love is represented with wide eyes and eyelids and eyebrows help set emotion.

      • Remember to keep a copy of your sketches as a reference and proof of your endeavour grade.

    • Task 02:
      • Convert 4 of your drawings into a set of Star-men to demonstrate emotion.

Readings / Homework
  • Complete all set work and ensure you keep a record for your endeavour grades.
  • Place images of your work in SWT under a folder called Week01





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