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Week 00: Introduction to Film and New Media

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Overview of Year 8 Film and New Media

    • Unit: Advertising

    • TRAIL link: TL

    • Genre / Description: Advertising

    • Skills and knowledge developed in year 8

    • Technical Skills:
      • Camera Operators License
      • Camera Audio Management
      • Green Screen Lighting and setup
      • Gimbals and phones
      • OHS - Camera Care and transport

    • Film Making Process:
      • Pre-production (Treatments, Storyboards, Scripts)
        • Shot types
        • Camera Angles
        • Treatments
        • Storyboards introduction
        • Location List
        • Shot List
        • Scripts
      • Production Marks and Framing
        • Blocking
        • Protocols / Procedures
      • Post Production
          • File Management
          • Naming Conventions
          • Inserting Clips
          • Sequence
          • Trimming
          • Transitions 
          • Layers
          • Audio Transitions
          • Titles
          • Exporting (upload) 
            • File format
          • Keying (Extension)

    • Assessment:
      • Media Codes and Conventions / Treatment Assessment
      • Advertisement of a hero

    • Technologies: Technologies are the tools and associated processes that are used to create meaning in moving-image media production and use. 

    • Representations: Representations are constructions of people, places, events, ideas, and emotions that are applied to create meaning in moving-image media production and use. 

    • Audiences: Audiences are individuals and groups of people for whom moving-image products are made, and who make meanings when they use these products. 

    • Institutions: Institutions are the organisations and people whose operational processes and practices enable or constrain moving-image media production and use. 

    • Languages: Languages are systems of signs and symbols organised through codes and conventions to create meaning in moving-image media production and use. 

    • What will you need next year?
      • You will need your own SD card
      • Writing materials and writing book (you have treatments, scripts, story boards to develop)
      • Charged laptop - to edit and transfer media
      • Willingness to work hard and be creative

      • Design equipment
        • Highlighters (3 colours - try to get pastels as they are more effective)
        • 2b + H Pencils + sharpener + eraser (line drawing then inked)
        • Black felt tip pen (2 sizes for thin and heave lines)
        • Ruler

      • Ensure you arrive to lesson prepared to work:
        • Home work completed by 8:30 that morning (submissions via myFlinders)
        • Have all equipment ready + Diary
        • Laptop charged for lesson
        • Correct uniform
        • You will be required to use the out of class page if you leave the room

    • Any Questions at this stage?

      • Random Group Generator (Class will split at random into 5 groups)
        • Elect the following people using a dice roll: (Digital dice Roll 3D)
          • First person to roll the following numbers will do:
            1. Leader
            2. OHS person
            3. Camera Operator 1
            4. Camera Operator 2
            5. Wild Card (who and what is this?)
            6. Roll again
          • Record the person and their function in the group

      • Task 01: Review the check list for your camera technician

    • Task 02: Each group is to collect 2 cameras and 2 tripods
      • Group leader and OHS ensure all equipment is collected and returned

    • Task 03: Students are to review the check list and formulate solutions and understanding.
      • What to do if you do not know??
      • Ensure you know how to do each part / stage of the process
      • Students are to work through the list and ensure they know how to do each part.

    • Task 04: Each student is to take turns in going through the process.
      • Set the camera up
      • Strip the camera down
      • Establish level on the tripod (can collect floor height adjusters)

  • Lesson 02:

    • Students are to complete one more setup and pack down of equipment each
    • Ensure that you have captured each step for the different cameras
    • Students in groups will need to go and film / conclude their filming and transfer the footage to their laptops
    • Each group will perform a self assessment on each member of the group.
    • If one member of the group is unable to complete the check list you will be required to up-skill them.
    • Students must be able to operate both types of cameras.

    • License check will be finalised week 1 next term.
Readings / Homework
  • No readings or homework set during this week.





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