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How to set up SSH (Secure Shell)

You can access the command line of a Raspberry Pi remotely from another computer or device on the same network using SSH.

The Raspberry Pi will act as a remote device: you can connect to it using a client on another machine.

You only have access to the command line, not the full desktop environment. For a full remote desktop, see VNC.

If you are not using wireless connectivity, plug your Raspberry Pi directly into the network.

You will need to note down the IP address of your Pi in order to connect to it later. If you have set a static IP (see link) you will need to use this.

Using the ifconfig command will display information about the current network status, including the IP address, or you can use hostname -I to display the IP addresses associated with the device.

Enable SSH

Raspbian has the SSH server disabled by default. It can be enabled manually from the desktop:

  1. Launch Raspberry Pi Configuration from the Preferences menu
  2. Navigate to the Interfaces tab
  3. Select Enabled next to SSH
  4. Click OK

Alternatively, raspi-config can be used in the terminal:

  1. Enter sudo raspi-config in a terminal window
  2. Select Interfacing Options
  3. Navigate to and select SSH
  4. Choose Yes
  5. Select Ok
  6. Choose Finish

Alternatively, use systemctl to start the service

sudo systemctl enable ssh 
sudo systemctl start ssh

To access from you Mac:

Open terminal on your mac

Enter: ssh pi@ipaddress

eg: ssh pi@

enter password: raspberry










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