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Selecting and preparing Micro SD cards for Raspberry Pi's

What type of card do you need:
  • The recommended is to have a Class 10 card. This will ensure fast read and write soeeds. 8Gb has enough room for all your school work and LAMP requirements. You can use a larger compacity cards and this is based on price.

  • The most cost effective card at the moment is: SanDisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card Class 10 - for under $10. (Umart and Office works).

    Place the micro SD into the SD adaptor card and place this into your SD slot using the adaptor:

  • Note: you will be using a micro SD card and therefore you will need to use the SD adaptor or external card reader.

How to format a SD card ready for raspbian.

  1. Select the SD card
  2. select a Quick Format
  3. Give the card your initals like LAMP001 - Ask your teacher for the number.
  4. Perform a quickformat

  • Select Continue to format the card.

  • Enter your laptop password to perform the format

  • Now the card is a clean slate ready to install Raspbian on.






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