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Week 06: Game Development and Psychology

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
  • Lesson 02:
      • Start the development and construction of your presentation.

    • Introduction to iMovie 2020

      • Students are to view and implement the skills - Develop a Shot Type Educational video
        • New Movie Project
        • Import Media
        • Adding Footage to the Time-line
        • Sequence Footage
        • Change Clip Order
        • Trimming Clips
        • Split Clips
        • Adding Music
        • Changing Audio Levels
        • Fading Audio
        • Adding Transitions
        • Titles and Backgrounds
        • Voiceover
        • Colour Correction and effects
        • Export Settings

      Remember that you will be submitting:
      • Research table, showing the psychological point, Game Evidence and the resource used.
      • The video file (must be less then 5 minutes and fit into myFlinders)

Readings / Homework


Focus Point