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Week 03: Game Development and Psychology

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      • Learning Objective

    • No Lesson Due To Sports Carnival

  • Lesson 02:
      • Game review and criteria extension
      • Game modification

    • Task 01: Game Developers Journal Entry
      • Go to the site:

      • Alternate Site: FRVT

      1. Select and Play the game long enough to understand the directions and the overall objective(s) of the game.

      2. Produce a Game Modification Task Sheet document by identifying the following:
        • What platform is used to play the game?
        • What is the objective of the game?
        • What three things do you like about the game?
        • What three things did you not like about the game?
        • List three reasons why you think this game is popular and successful.

      3. Based on your own observations, create a written plan for modifying the game. This document will serve as your Game Modification Plan.
        Your plan should include the following:
        • Re-write the main goal of the game.
        • Describe how you would improve the game. Be as specific as possible!
        • List three reasons why your ideas may not have been implemented by the original designers.
        • List three reasons why you think players would like your changes.
        • List three reasons why these changes would be difficult to implement.

    • Place your solution in your Game Developers Journal and a image in SWT (Share With Teacher) complete for homework.

    • Example of review sheet:

  • Lesson 03:

Readings / Homework
  • Complete all set work.
  • Ensure that you are developing your game analysis sheet in preparation of your project.





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