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Week 06: Webpage Design and Development

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Introduction to your Assignment.
    • Due Monday week 10, 17/9

    • Developing the client Brief
    • Task 01:
      • Students are to read through the assignment outlines.
      • Make a series of notes or highlight key tasks.

    • Task 02:
      • Developing mile-stones and success criteria.
      • Using a Google Document, Planner, Digital Solutions book create a time line for each week and lesson until the due date
      • Place in all the activities and durations required to meet the mile-stones. This includes the start and stop of each section and the materials required.

  • Lesson 02:
    • 2020 S2 T3 Assignment 01 - Due Monday week 10, 17/9

    • Task 01:
      • Students are to review their assessment Mile-stone plan.
      • With shoulder buddies, review each other's plan
      • Is the sequence logical to meet the success requirements of the course?
      • What are the key mile-stones of the plan
      • What improvements can be made to streamline the process
      • Are there resources (assets) that you can collaborate on without compromising integrity?
        • Photographing of school uniforms
        • Editing and resizing assets

    • Task 02:
  • Lesson 03:
    • Continue work on 2020 S2 T3 Assignment 01 - Due Monday week 10, 17/9

    • Task 01:
      • Students are to continue work on their assignment.
        • Developing the revised Design Brief
        • Design Brief MFAC Cocurricular
        • Submit your draft solution into myFlinders as a mile-stone and as a bank of evidence.

    • Task 02:
      • Students are to continue work on their assignment.

      • Create a document file that contains sections for your assignment evidence:

          • Title Page
          • Revised Design Brief
          • UX persona profiles(recommended 2)
          • Design analysis justification
          • Mood board
          • Colour scheme
          • Low Fidelity wire frames
          • High fidelity wire frames

        • Developing the UX Persona
          • Review and develop a framework for: UX persona - Tutorial Video

  • Lesson 04:
    • Continue work on 2020 S2 T3 Assignment 01 - Due Monday week 10, 17/9

    • Tutorial: Adobe Colour Wheel and Features: ADOBE COLOR - All the new features!

    • Colour Scheme for your proposed site.
      • Using sites such as Adobe Colour CC, develop potentual colour swatches for your client
      • Justify your colour scheme emotions and meaning from your research

    • Development of mood board
      • Collection of images and colours that represent the theme of your website.
      • A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition.
      • A mood board can be used to convey a general idea or feel about a particular topic and help convey your ideas across to client.
      • This can include such things as key images, logos, typography and inspirational images that convey the mood of your potential solution.

    • Development of the Mood Board for the website that incorporates the developed colour schemes from the previous activity.
    • Students will submit their Colour Schemes & Mood board at the start of next lesson

      Examples of things your can draw inspiration from for your mood boards:

    • Website Design Examples - Colour

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