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Week 10: Design Technologies and Materials

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      • Physical Circuit construction
      • 7 Segment LED Circuit Structure
      • Coding physical Arduino to display numbers

    • Task 01:
      • Construct the 7 Segment LED circuit - Resistors on the cathode
        • Arduino Board
          USB connector
          7 Segment LED
          2x 220Ohm resistors approx [200 to 200Ohms] (5V, 15 to 18mA)
        • Place the resistors on the Cathodes or Common Power rail)
          14 wires (male to male )

    • Task 02:
      • Code the circuit to display all the numbers 0 to 9

    • Task 03:
      • Students are to create the following circuit in Tinkercad and complete the written section
      • Voltage Pull Down Circuit worksheet

  • Lesson 02:
      • Develop a Digital Dice
      • Random Numbers
      • Duel Circuits

    • Task 01: Add the voltage pull down circuit to your existing 7 Segment board.
      • Duplicate the existing 7 Segment board to make a new copy (This will duplicate the circuit and current code)
      • Add the Pull Down Voltage circuit to the physical design.

    • Task 02:
      • Develop your code to include a random number:
      • Set up so you can generate a real random number every time

      • In the Void loop, generate a random number and also display this in the Serial Monitor at the bottom of the code area.






Focus Point