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Week 05: Design Technologies and Materials

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Lesson lost due to IAAS tests

  • Lesson 02:
    • Lost due to sports day

  • Lesson 03:
      • Splicing Wires (Pigtail, Inline, Hook)
      • Introduction to Arduino Boards
      • Arduino coding language

    • Non-Prac Students
    • Task 01: Blinkie - the code controlled light
      • Build the following circuit using the Arduino R3 and Breadboard
      • You will also require a 50 ohm or 220 ohm resistor

      • Coding Arduino:
        • Select Code from the top menu bar next to Start Simulator

        • Change from Block Coding to Text Coding

        • Change the pinMode 13 to the corresponding Arduino Board pin number e.g. 9

        • Remember that 1000 = 1 second

        • Make adjustments to the delay by changing this to 500, 200, 100, 50 etc

    • Task 02: Emergency Lights

    • Alter the code to allow the lights to flash red and blue like the emergency lights on vehicles.
    • You will need to create a new LED and connect this to a new output pin with a resistor.
    • Make sure you declare the new pin and make appropriate adjustments to your code to get this to work.

    • Task 03: Push button - turn light on





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