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Week 04: Design Technologies and Materials

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
  • Lesson 02:
      • Introduction to electronic circuits
      • Understand the concepts of voltage, resistance and current
      • Recognise common engineering quantities, SI units and symbols
      • Understand diodes

      • Task 01:
        • Students are to log on to Tinkercad and create an account using their School Google Credentials.

        • Task 02:
          • Using Tinkercad create the following circuit

          • In your design books make a title called RPM Circuit
            • Discuss how the electrons make the motor run? How does it work?
            • You will need to use words such as: Light Dependant Resistor (LDR), Motor, resistance, etc.
            • Replace the LDR with a Potentiometer - how does this change the circuit operation?

        • Task 03:
          • Using Tinkercad create the following circuit - Using Cathodes and Anodes
            • Resistor values are 470 ohms.
            • Red wires for the Anodes
            • Black wires for the Cathodes


    Here's 4.5 megabytes of data in stacks of 62,500 punched cards, 1955.

    • Next week Practical - PrePrac information:

    Splicing wires Video tutorial 01
    Splicing wires Video tutorial 02


Readings / Homework
  • Revise Resistor calculations and Ohms Law





Focus Point