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Week 03: Design Technologies and Materials

Class Task and Information

    • Time to clean up SWT (Share With Teacher)

    • Submission of work
      • Video of successful task
      • Screen shot of your code
      • Remember to label and place work in folders

    • What has been our success from last week?
      • Building the Robots
      • Making my robot move
      • Controlling the turn and speed

    • What is one thing did I learn from last week (you can add more)

    • What is one thing I would like to learn in the near future?

  • Lesson 01:
    • Provocation: Watch Six of the Coolest Surgical Robots in Action

    • Thinking questions:
      • Are surgical robots a good idea or not? Explain your answer.

      • Could robots help remote communities or poor countries in the medical field?
        • What are 3 ways they could help in this situation?

      • If you had $1 Billion dollars to spend on a medical projects, how would you spend this money?

    • Developing Sensor Programming

    • The Touch Sensor:
    • Pick one of the following tasks to complete:

      • TASK 01: Robot Ping Pong
        • Have your robot drive forward at 20% and when the front sensor is touched, Stop and then reverse at 20%.
        • When the back sensor is touched Stop your robot and drive forward at 20%.

        • Have your robot drive along in a straight line (20-40% power)
        • When the robot touches an object (stop the robot) and play a warning sound.
        • Extension Exercise (upload your own warning sound)

      • TASK 03: Tiggie (The ultimate chasey game)
        • Have your robot drive forward and tag another object.
        • Stop your robot, have it giggle and then turn around without touching the object again and run away.

  • Lesson 02:
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