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Week 02: Design Technologies and Materials

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
      • Students have audited the EV3 Kits
      • Installed The EV3 Mindstorm Software

      • Introduction to Computing
      • EV3 hardware and software
      • Simple driving and turning

    • Time to get moving

    • Programming Task #1: Racing Lane
      • You are to create a program in mindstorm to drive your robot from the starting line and stopping just past the finish line.
      • Record your results in you Design and Technology Book
      • You are to measure the time it takes for your robot to travel the distance and the deviation from the straight path.
      • Record your result of 3 passes. Each time you can try to adjust your robot for accuracy and speed.
      • Use a video recording device (laptop, phone or video camera) to capture one successful attempt at this task.
      • Place a screen shot of your coding in SWT with your video.

      • How can you work out the speed of your Robot?
        • Find the formula to calculate the speed of the robot.
        • Have your robot drive the track 3 times and find the average.
        • Calculate the approximate speed of your robot
        • Take an image of your calculation and solution and place in SWT.

    • Programming Task #2: Race Day
        • When you have completed programming task #1 you are to select another team to race
        • Your program is to begin with the pressing of the button sensor. Do not enter the race unless the button sensor activates your robot.
        • Compete in the championship to work out who the winner is. 

      • Rules:
        • Robot must start the race with the button sensor.
        • You must complete the length of the course.
        • You must not leave your lane or interfere with the other vehicle.
        • Pit crew are not allowed to touch the robot after it is placed on the starting line.
        • One person pushes both buttons

  • Lesson 02:

    • Programming tasks for the lesson:
      • Programming Task #1 - Making the big turns:
        • Enable your robot to make the corners without leaving the area of the square

      • Programming Task #2 - Figure 8:
        • Enable your robot to make a figure 8 pattern on the ground. Complete one direction and then the other.
        • Remember to use the button switch to start the program. Tutorial:Touch sensor (part 1)

      • Programming Task #3 - Robot Ping Pong
        • Have your robot drive forward at 20% and when the front sensor is touched, Stop and then reverse at 20%.
        • When the back sensor is touched Stop your robot and drive forward at 20%.

Readings / Homework
  • Ensure all work is in Share With Teacher (SWT)
    • Screen Shot of your code (Label the file appropriately)
    • Take a video of your robot finishing the task.





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