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Week 03: Webpage Design and Development

Class Task and Information

    • Understand what are cascading style sheets and how you can
      use it to style your website.
    • How to use CSS selectors and properties.
    • Learn about how to use inline, internal and external CSS.
    • Understand CSS coding best practices.
    • Learn about CSS sizing methods.
    • Learn the anatomy of CSS syntax and structure.
    • CSS specificity and implementing style hierarchy.
    • Class vs. Ids and how to target each.
    • CSS display and how to implement layout.

  • Lesson 01:
    • Revision of: Low Fidelity, Mid Fidelity and High Fidelity Wire Frames- Designing Web Pages

    • Students should have completed all the HTML5 coding tutorials. All URL's need to be emailed to Mr Marsden for verification. (take a moment while the class is starting to email this URL)

    • Tutorial 01: Introduction to CSS 3:04

    • Tutorial 02: Inline CSS 10:02
      • Working with in-line styles
      • Save the worked example and place in Shared with Teacher.

    • Tutorial 04: Internal CSS 20:22
      • Working with internal CSS in the header of the page.
      • Implement and save all worked examples.

    • Tutorial 05: External CSS 8:29
      • This is the method that we will always use when developing websites.
      • Working with External CSS
      • Implement and save all worked examples and complete the challenges.

    • Tutorial 06: The Anatomy of CSS Syntax 13:08
  • Lesson 02:
  • Lesson 03:
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