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Week 00: Digital Solutions - Dynamic websites

Class Task and Information

  • Focus points of the unit
    • Websites Front Side Design, Visual Hierarchy, Design Principles and Colour Theory
    • Front Side Programming - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
    • Server Side Programming - PHP, mySQL
    • Database Management, Structure and Theory - phpMyAdmin
    • LAMP and WAMP server technology and structure


  • Development Environment
  • What you will need next term
    • Laptop Updated to the most current IOS version
    • All applications up to date (Chrome, Adobe XD, Photoshop and other required utilities)
    • All software ready to go day 1

    • Design equipment
      • A5 notes book
      • Highlighters (3 colours - try to get pastels as they are more effective)
      • 2b + H Pencils + sharpener + eraser
      • Black felt tip pen (2 sizes for thin and heave lines)
      • Ruler

    • Ensure you arrive to lesson prepared to work:
      • Home work completed by 8:30 that morning (submissions via myFlinders)
      • Have all equipment ready + Diary
      • Laptop charged for lesson
      • Correct uniform
      • You will be required to use the out of class page if you leave the room

  • Lesson 01:
    • Low Fidelity, Mid Fidelity and High Fidelity - Designing Web Pages:

    • Tutorial 02: Tips on Sketching Your Wire-frames

    • Task 01: View Charli Marie suggestions on how to develop wire frames for a website.
      • Students are to take notes on the process.
      • Draw a flow chart or map to represent the work flow habits.

    • Task 02: Make a list of what tools do you need to create effective wire frames?

      • Printable Design Paper Templates:

      Task 03: Select the myFlinders landing page. Create a low Fidelity design of the page.

    • Extension research: Using the internet, research other points that will enable you to become a very effective web designer? Look at the process and techniques different developers use to design websites.

  • Lesson 02: TBA
Readings / Homework
  • Ensure you have installed all software and completed updates

  • Ensure your toolbar and Google Drive are ready for lessons





Focus Point