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Week 03: IDEAS - Design Technology


Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:

      • How computers process data (Binary it is all about the 0's and 1's)

    • Provocation: Morse code and the information age
      • Students are to view the following presentation as a class.
      • Write down 3 questions or 3 points, that you have about the presentation.
      • How does this link with Design Technology?

    • Task 1: Binary representations
      • Students are to view the following teacher lead presentation: Bits-Bytes-and-Units and take notes of significant information in their A5 books.

      • Internet research:
        • What are modern examples of Exabyte, Gegobyte, Yottabyte and Domegemegrottebyte in comparisons to the size of a book or spoken word?
        • What is and who operates the largest data store in the world?

    • Task 2: Binary message conversion using an ASCII to binary chart

      • Review the following chart. Can you see how it was built and is used to represent characters?

      • Decipher the following binary message back to ASCII: - Keep it hidden until everyone has an answer.

      01001001 01000100 01000101 01000001 01010011 00100000 01010011 01100101 01101101 01100101 01110011 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00110000 00110010 00110000

      Is there a system that you used to help you speed up the de-cypher process?



      • Task 03:
        • Develop a cypher using the ASCII to Binary table and give to another student in the class to de-cypher from binary to ASCII.
        • Remember the message must be school appropriate!

  • Lesson 02:
    • Provocation: How do Computers Think?
      • Students are to view the following presentation as a class.

    • Task 01: Students are to collect the worksheet (Comprehension Questions - Think Like a Computer)
      • Take 5 minutes to pre-read the sheet and fill in any answers with a pencil that you know (or think you know) - check your answers as they view the video.
      • View the video in the class setting and complete the comprehension questions - remember to answer with as much detail as possible.

      • General questions for Mr M about the video?

      • Once you have viewed the video and answered all the questions, you can then pair and share. Using the collective “Wisdom Of The Crowd” - create a class set of solutions.

    • Task 02:

    If you don’t know the answer Remember:

          1. Stop and read the question again
          2. Write down what you do know
          3. Look back over the information you have been given
          4. Think about what you are missing (key point)
          5. Give it another try
          6. Phone a friend if you do not know
          7. Consult an expert in the class
          8. Get the big guns in:
Readings / Homework
  • Complete all set tasks and questions. Students must be able to demonstrate their knowledge for their endeavour grades.




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