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Week 00: IDEAS - Digital Solutions and Engineering

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Class Expectations
      • Ensure you arrive to lesson prepared to work:
        • Home work completed by 8:30 that morning (submissions via myFlinders)
        • Have all equipment ready + Diary
        • Laptop charged for lesson
        • Design materials + A5 writing book for notes.
        • A5 Notes book
        • Design equipment
          • Highlighters (3 colours - try to get pastels as they are more effective)
          • 2b + H Pencils + sharpener + eraser
          • Black felt tip pen (2 sizes for thin and heave lines)
          • Ruler
        • Correct uniform
        • You will be required to use the out of class page if you leave the room

    • IDEAS task for the lesson: IDEAS - Sharks LMR

    • Do you want to go surfing in Western Australia?

    • Random Group Generator (Class will split at random into 5 groups)

    • Elect the following people using a dice roll: (Digital dice Roll 3D)

      • First person to roll the following numbers will do:
        1. Scribe for the group
        2. Proof reader
        3. Reporter for the group
        4. Leader
        5. Wild Card (who and what is this?)
        6. Roll again

      • Record the person and their function in the group

    • Students are to hand in their record sheets from the reporter of the group.

  • Lesson 02: MFAC Car park


Readings / Homework
  • Ensure you have installed all software and completed updates

  • Ensure your toolbar and Google Drive are ready for lessons




Focus Point