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Week 03: IDEAS - Design Technology

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Developing team skills
    • Communication and decision making processes in a practical challenges

    • Task 01:
    • Random Group Generator (Class will split at random into 5 groups
    • Students are to establish their learning environment for 5 teams.

    • Task 02: Provocation
      • You have been asked to develop a marble game to help young students develop spacial awareness and hand eye coordination. The task is to be challenging for the young player and ensure there are multiple pathways to success and various challenges.
      • You are to use the Design, Make and Review cycle of the innovation process to meet the criteria of the provocation.

      • Note there is a 25 minute time frame to meet the requirements of the client
      • You are limited to:
        • 1 Cardboard box
        • 1 Marble
        • 10 paddle pop sticks for initials
        • 1 set of Scissors
        • 2m if masking tape

    • Class Solutions

  • Lesson 02:



Focus Point