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Week 02: IDEAS - Design Technology

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Welcome and Introduction

      • Class Expectations
        • Ensure you arrive to lesson prepared to work:
          • Have all equipment ready + Diary
          • Art / A3 book
          • Design equipment
            • Highlighters (3 colours - try to get pastels as they are more effective)
            • 2b + H Pencils + sharpener + eraser
            • Ruler

          • Laptop charged for lesson

          • Correct uniform

          • You will be required to use the out of class page if you leave the room

      • Common classroom activities.

        • Random Group Generator (Class will split at random into 5 groups)

        • Elect the following people using a dice roll unless specified: (Digital dice Roll 3D)

          • First person to roll the following numbers will do:
            1. Scribe for the group
            2. Proof reader
            3. Reporter for the group
            4. Leader
            5. Wild Card - the motivator / outside the box
            6. Roll again

          • Record the person and their function in the group

            • Discussion and work clock

      1. Gain an overview understanding of the Innovation Process
      2. Reflect on existing skills and attributes

    • Intro: Welcome to the course and your expectations.

      • SHARED EXPECTATIONS - <Link to Presentation>

        • Engagement
          • We actively participate in learning and collaborate with others
          • We embrace opportunities and take on the big challenges
          • We ask the hard questions
          • We imagine, create and design to make it happen
          • We show and tell the world what we do

        • Safety
          • We behave in a manner that promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves or others
          • We remain in the work environment unless supervised by a teacher
          • We advise any safety concerns to the attending teacher

        • Respect
          • We value equity and diversity
          • We respect the resources that we use
          • We use appropriate language when engaging with others

    • What is IDEAS - <Link to presentation>

    • Task 01: IDEAS and the Innovation process:

      • The Innovation process - <Link to presentation>

        • Module 0 - IDEAS Innovation Process
          • Information about what we will be completing and investigating before the process begins.
          • Reflect on existing skills and attributes
          • Allocate student teams to create productive partnerships for the project (In industry, people with different interests, skills and backgrounds grounds often make excellent teams)
          • Introduce students to the IDEAS innovation Process they will use throughout this inquiry

        • Module 1 - Provocation / Inspiration
          • Looking at the initial provocation
          • Introducing the inquiry project brief
          • Distinguish between physical, emotional impact of the provocation
          • Investigate different types of technologies and their purpose
          • Analyse case studies and conduct a SWOT analysis of your school and community

        • Module 2 - Empathy - Context and User Needs
          • Understand the meaning and importance of empathy in design thinking
          • Empathise from multiple perspectives with a person with disabilities
          • Evaluate context and user needs

        • Module 3 - Refine, Insight, Define
          • Reflect, analyse and evaluate outcomes of empathy research
          • Infer relationships and patterns - synthesise research
          • Compare, sequence, explain ideas and information generated during empathy research
          • Generate new conclusions, realisations, hypotheses. insights

        • Module 4 - Ideate:
          • Use ideation techniques to come up with as many ideas as possible
          • Evaluate ideas and select the most viable idea to implement as design solution
          • Prototype / Test / Iterate
            • Develop a series of prototypes using a range of technologies and specialist equipment
            • Select from a range of technologies and assess their suitability for 2 specific task
            • Test, evaluate and review your design to make iterations and development changes
          • Test / Feedback / Review
            • Test and evaluate prototypes
            • Seek and consider feedback from a larger audience
            • Iterate prototypes

        • Module 5 - Pitch Presentation
          • To communicate ideas to a wider audience
          • Use digital media to communicate information
          • Give and receive feedback
          • Reflect and evaluate own project

        • Module 6 - Review / Reflect
          • Reflect on the innovation process and the inquiry project
          • Reflect on skills and dispositions developed through the project
          • Set goals for future design projects

      • Ensure you have installed all software and completed updates

      • Ensure your toolbar and Google Drive are ready for lessons

  • Lesson 02:

        1. Gain an practical understanding of the Innovation Process
        2. Investigate a provocation
        3. Refine, Insight, Define & Ideate through the design process
        4. Introduction to the Pitch.

    • Task 01: Investigate a provocation
      • Students are to discuss the current situation and gather the 'Wisdom of the Group'.
        • Is there a problem / situation that requires improvement?
        • Could the problem be done through a design and technology solution?

    • Task 02: Refine, Insight, Define & Ideate through the design process
      • Students are to work as a group, record your thoughts and discussions as evidence.
      • Design a solution or improvement for the provocation presented.

    • Task 03: Pitch to the class.
      • Students will have an opportunity to present their ideas and solution to the different groups in the class.
      • This process could be done as a direct presentation to all or a teacher tour or traveling show.

Readings / Homework
  • Ensure all work is complete and up to date.
  • Ensure you have an understanding of the 6 modules of the Innovation process for Design and IDEAS.





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