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Week 15: Xcode and Swift Programming

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Checkpoints / Goals / Milestones
      • Setting clear checkpoints / goals / milestones for implementation and development.
      • Once you have finished you Design Phase and taken into consideration the functional requirements of the application, you need to set clear checkpoints or milestones for implementation. These milestones ensure that you develop your software in a logical and step-wise refined process. This ensures that you do not try to code an object that has not been declared or made! Also, this ensures that you can "CHUNK" your work in break points, that will enable you to test and save your work at structured points.

      • Milestones allow you to identify:
        • Resources you need
        • New Learning required
        • Sequencing of development

      • Lesson Task: Design, Implement and document the following application.
        • Functional Requirements: Develop a currency converter from Australian Dollars (AUD) to US (USD).

        • Due Thursday Morning 8:30 - Students are to demonstrate their solutions by placing a Scan Of Your Design, screen shot of your UI from the simulator and a screen shot of your code in this homework check point in myFlinders

      • Current exchange rate: 0.6733 USD = $1 AUD
        • To convert AUD (Australian Dollars) into USD (United States): The formula is: $Required USD / $Current USD rate (0.6594) = Amount of AUD to get Required USD. (Ask Mr Marsden if you are unsure)

      • Students can use the revised A3 or A4 Design Sheet. There are copies in the photocopy zone area.

  • Summative Test: Tuesday Week 6 Lesson 2!!!! 12th Of November

  • Lesson 02:

  • Structure of developing Application 101:
    • 1) Design the application
      • Know the Functional Requirements
      • Design The UI
      • Design with UX in mind and the intended audience
    • 2) Build the UI
      • Place the objects on the screen
      • Develop the Storyboard
      • Remember to save your work so you can go back to the last working version
      • Insert all the constraints
      • Test with the Simulator
      • Remember to take a screen shot of both before coding
    • 3) Link to the UIKit (Test as you go)
      • Remember to save your work so you can go back to the last working version
    • 4) Code your work
      • Code using UIKit or SwiftUI
      • Test with the Simulator as you code each milestone
      • Remember to save your work so you can go back to the last working version
    • 5) Test and Evaluate

      Analysis of UI Design for Applications
      • Find an application for Phone, iPad, mobile device
        • Look at the objects used on the storyboard / View Controller / Screen
        • Analise the use of
        • VStack and HStacks
        • Pictures and Images Vs text and readable objects
        • Use of spacing and layout
        • Event Triggers and animations

    • Task Find an application that falls into the following categories or genre and perform the UI analysis
      • Education
      • Information
      • Utilities
      • Games (Title Screen Only)
      • Standard OS application

    • Take a screen shot of each of the apps and perform an analysis and send via email to Mr Marsden.

Readings / Homework





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