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Week 13: Xcode and Swift Programming

Class Task and Information

    • Lesson 01:
    • Lesson 02:

    • Task A: Design Review
      • Pair and Share Activity:
        • Students are to pair up with another student and Discuss the
          • Positives features of your design
          • Partners are to discuss possible improvement for the UI and UX
          • Make a change to help the UX

    • Task B: Developing the UI in Xcode
      • Open the Xcode environment and select a new project

      • Product Name = Give your project a name.
      • Language = Swift
      • User Interface = Storyboard

      • Select the Main.storyboard on the left
      • Change your simulator to iPhone 8
      • Change your storyboard layout to iPhone 8 and the orientation you would like.
      • Add objects and adjust the properties to the view controller (stage / storyboard)

      • Add Alignment Constraints
        • Ensure your vertical and horizontal alignments are in place.

      • Outlets Vs Action functions
        • @IBOutlet weak var lblSlider: UILabel!

        • Outlets enable you to talk to object, receive data and write data to objects.
        • Actions functions create event listeners from the view controller (stage).

Readings / Homework
  • Students are to complete all UI and GUI developent of their application.
  • Summative Test: Tuesday Week 6 Lesson 2!!!! 12th Of November





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