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Week 2: Xcode and Swift Programming

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01: Developer Playground

    • Developer Comments in code (Block comments and Line comments)

    • Functions - Declaring a function

    • Function with Parameter Pass

    • Functions with Multi-Parameters

    • Functions with omitted argument label calls

    • Function return values - hand shake data

    • Task: Using the knowledge you have gained from this lesson and data types, Extend the function return values example to create a function return call to +, -, *, \.

    • Extension task: Extend the program to add other mathematical functions such as Square etc.

  • Lesson 02: My First Game in Xcode
    • Objectives:
      • Label Object
      • Label Properties
      • Alignment Constraints and Layout
      • Event Triggers and Buttons
      • Counters
      • Controlling Object Text properties
      • Text colour properties
      • Background colour properties

  • Lesson 03: Working with External Devices
    • Objectives:
      • Device OS and updates
      • External Device Connection
      • Exporting your application
      • Action Event Triggers

    • Ensure that you iPhone is up to date with the latest OS

    • Three primary themes differentiate iOS from other platforms:
      • Clarity.
      • Deference. 
      • Depth.

    • Design Principles
      • Aesthetic Integrity
      • Direct Manipulation
      • Metaphors
      • Consistency
      • Feedback
      • User Control

    • Task01: After you have experienced the Slider Glider program develop a UI to enhance the UX.
      • UI = User Interface
      • UX = User eXperience
        • Include the title for your app.
        • The slider
        • Feedback to the user
        • The Event Triggers

    • Task 02: Pair and Share Activity:
      • Students are to pair up with another student and Discuss the
        • Positives features of your design
        • Partners are to discuss possible improvement for the UI and UX
        • Make a change to help the UX

    • Task 03: Construct your UI in Xcode

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