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Week 15: Wicked Problem 1 - Goal 4: Quality Education

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01: Introduction to Assignment Presentation at eXpo - Due Week 8

    • Identifying and refining your Wicked Problem

    • Possible topics to reflect upon:
      • App for students with no teachers
      • Educational Materials (Devices and physical Resources) for developing countries
      • Connectivity - data pipes and solutions - connection to education
      • Fundamental things people should know - Educational Content
      • Software to teach student without schools
      • Any Others

    • Individual Work: (you have 10 minutes to complete this task)
      • Working by yourself, select or develop your possible topic your could research and educate, inform or share at the eXpo
      • What information do you know currently?
      • What are you looking at producing as an end result?
      • What are the 3 key focal points of your possible topic?

    • Pair and Share
      • Work with another person and share your plan and rough ideas for your Functional Design and requirements plans. Are you educating, informing or creating?
      • Discuss the way you are addressing the Wicked Problem
      • Outline the key points you would like to Present / Pitch and how it will improve the end user experience (UX)
      • Compare milestones and your approach to development / implementation for the eXpo

    • For your topic and idea, perform a SWOT analysis of your topic/question looking at:
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Opportunities
      • Threats / problems

        Hand your group information to Mr Marsden - All the notes so far this lesson.

    • Crate a treatment outlining the following points:
      • Topic for the Wicked Problem - What you are focused on.
      • Who is in your group (maximum of 2)
      • How you are going to present your IDEA at he eXpo?
      • How does this address the Wicked Problem?
      • Who is your intended audience for your outcome (podcast, vidcast, poster, presentation etc..)?
      • What are your milestones (from start to finish) to achieve your product?

    • Students (in their group) are to research and construct their treatment.

  • Lesson 02: Introduction to Assignment Presentation at eXpo

    • Students are to hand in their treatment at the end of this lesson.

Readings / Homework
  • Complete SWOT Analysis and hand in preliminary research.
  • Hand in Treatment during the 2nd lesson this week.





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