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Week 15: Wicked Problem 1 - Goal 4: Quality Education

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
  • When developing an application there is a development process to follow to ensure you meet the requirements of the client.

  • 7 Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

    • Problem Definition / Client Needs / Universe Of Discourse (UoD)
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Validation
    • Evaluation

  • Setting clear checkpoints / goals / milestones for implementation and development.
    • Once you have finished you Design Phase and taken into consideration the functional requirements of the application, you need to set clear checkpoints or milestones for implementation. These milestones ensure that you develop your software in a logical and step-wise refined process. This ensures that you do not try to code an object that has not been declared or made! Also, this ensures that you can "CHUNK" your work in break points, that will enable you to test and save your work at structured points.

    • Milestones allow you to identify:
      • Resources you need
      • New Learning required
      • Sequencing of development

        Examples of Designs from Last Week:

  • Task 01: Mr Marsden requires a travel application that will enable him to travel to different countries and perform currency conversions, communicate, navigation and other optional requiremtns that you see appropriate.

    • Pair and Share
      • Work with another person and share the work you have done in your Functional Design and requirements plans.
      • Discuss the new learning you will need to complete the task.
      • Compare milestones and your approach to development / implementation.

  • Video Tutorial Files -= What to Do =-
    • You will need to view the video file and stop it along the way so you can implement, do what the video files shows you.
    • Remember: Information Action = KNOWLEDGE
    • Remember to save your work as you go.

      Support Tutorial: Xcode UIKit Slider Bar & Vertical Sliders

  • Lesson 02: Introduction to Assignment Presentation at eXpo - Due Week 8

    • Identifying and refining your Wicked Problem

      • Possible topics to reflect upon:
        • App for students with no teachers
        • Educational Materials (Devices and physical Resources) for developing countries
        • Connectivity - data pipes and solutions - connection to education
        • Fundamental things people should know - Educational Content
        • Software to teach student without schools
        • Any Others

      • Individual Work: (you have 10 minutes to complete this task)
        • Working by yourself, select or develop your possible topic your could research and educate, inform or share at the eXpo
        • What information do you know currently?
        • What are you looking at producing as an end result?
        • What are the 3 key focal points of your possible topic?

      • Pair and Share
        • Work with another person and share your plan and rough ideas for your Functional Design and requirements plans. Are you educating, informing or creating?
        • Discuss the way you are addressing the Wicked Problem
        • Outline the key points you would like to Present / Pitch and how it will improve the end user experience (UX)
        • Compare milestones and your approach to development / implementation for the eXpo

      • For your topic and idea, perform a SWOT analysis of your topic/question looking at:
        • Strengths
        • Weaknesses
        • Opportunities
        • Threats / problems

          Hand your group information to Mr Marsden - All the notes so far this lesson.

      • Crate a treatment outlining the following points:
        • Topic for the Wicked Problem - What you are focused on.
        • Who is in your group (maximum of 2)
        • How you are going to present your IDEA at he eXpo?
        • How does this address the Wicked Problem?
        • Who is your intended audience for your outcome (podcast, vidcast, poster, presentation etc..)?
        • What are your milestones (from start to finish) to achieve your product?

      • Students (in their group) are to research and construct their treatment.

    • Lesson 03: Introduction to Assignment Presentation at eXpo

      • Students are to hand in their treatment at the end of this lesson.

    Readings / Homework
    • Complete SWOT Analysis and hand in preliminary research.
    • Hand in Treatment during the 3rd lesson this week.





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