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Week 12: Wicked Problem 1 - Goal 4: Quality Education

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
  • Self Service

  • Task: Brain Storming tools

    • Using an appropriate brain storming tool and research, answer the following questions:

    • Remember: Start by listing all the facts in each branch. Try to build upon each branch for sub-problems e.g. transport - Lack of Free, Transport - Poor quality roads, Transport - cost of fuel

      1. What are the issues with education in developing countries?

      2. Identify 4 countries that are considered developing?

      3. For 2 of the countries identified in question 2, research and outline the communication technology available in the country?

      4. What device technology is available in the country you have identified in question 2

      5. Locate 4 website that are developed and used in the country you have researched in question 2.

    • Print your mind map out as a PDF and place this digital version on myFlinders at the end of the lesson.

  • Lesson 02:
    • During this lesson we will be researching and testing their own, and each others' theories, by using this antagonism processes to find an answer and advance knowledge. The purpose of research is really an ongoing process of correcting and refining hypotheses, which should lead to the acceptance of certain scientific truths.

    • TASK 01:
      • Students are to pair up and form a research group.
      • You will be randomly given a topic from the 10 Barriers to Education Around the World.
        • 10 Barriers to Education Around the World
          1. A lack of funding for education
          2. Having no teacher, or having an untrained teacher
          3. No classroom
          4. A lack of learning materials
          5. The exclusion of children with disabilities
          6. Being the ‘wrong’ gender
          7. Living in a country in conflict or at risk of conflict
          8. Distance from home to school
          9. Hunger and poor nutrition
          10. The expense of education

      • You are to collect an A3 sheet of paper from Mr Marsden to record your research.
      • Create a title for your research and add your names to the page as the researchers.

    • Task 02:
      • Do a preliminary search for information on the topic that has been selected for you.
      • Locate materials that align with the question you are researching.
      • Evaluate your sources and see if they are credible, truthful, and reliable information.
      • Make notes that include data and facts. These are crucial for your evidence and justifying and underpinning your discussion

      • Remember to focus on your topic and question.

    • Task 03: Turn your A3 Page over (Or ask for another)
      • Review your notes and arrange your research into categories.

    • Task 04: Pair and Share
      • Work with another group and share the information you have gleaned.
      • Ask questions and share facts that you have uncovered that may help the visiting group.
      • Are there points or areas you did not cover raised by the other group? Record these.


Readings / Homework
  • Complete all set work.





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