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Week 11: Introduction to Wicked Problem 1 - Goal 4: Quality Education

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Students are to meet at the lecture theatre for class allocation,

    • During this lesson we will be researching and testing their own, and each others' theories, by using this antagonism processes to find an answer and advance knowledge. The purpose of research is really an ongoing process of correcting and refining hypotheses, which should lead to the acceptance of certain scientific truths.

    • Class question and investigation:
      • What did the printing press do for education and information?

  • Lesson 02:
    • Where Are The World’s Worst Slums?

    • Developing Nations - What do they look like?
    • Task:
      • Use some time in the lesson to look at developing countries and where educational issues may occur.
      • What facts or information did your group find in their research.

    • Do we have a Global issue?
      • Research and develop a list of facts that prove or disprove this wicked problem?
      • Identify the two ends of the scale and where does Australia sit in this for educated nations?

    • Share a Fact With The Class:
      • From your research - Identify one point, fact or knowledge bite you would like to share with the class.





Focus Point